Results, not Excuses!

Results, not ExcusesSay you buy a car and have a problem with the steering and suspension. Now, the steering system is designed by a supplier to the automaker, and the suspension is as well. If you have a problem, you don’t call the automaker and get involved in a debate over what is wrong and who is to blame. You just want it fixed with no excuses.

So when you’re building a plant, why would you want an experience that is any different? When you buy a car, you are buying from a single-source provider who accepts responsibility for all that they sold you. Why would you not buy from a single-source provider for design and construction services? At Austin, we believe that you hire us to deliver a completed project that meets your needs and expectations, on time and within budget.

If your experience is any different, what happened? Clearly, no firm is perfect. Perfection is expensive and, by its nature, inefficient. What you want is the best value and reliability from someone who is going to stand behind their work. The more control they have over their work, the more their reputation depends on the work they do, and the more at stake the firm has in delivering a better, best project experience.

If any firm had it all figured out, they would capture the entire market and destroy their competitors – that is not happening, at least not in our industry. Design and construction remains one of the most diverse markets, with no one firm capturing a majority of the market. Austin doesn't worry about that. What we do worry about is continuous improvement and getting better with every project. We worry about delivering a project that meets budget, schedule, operational quality and Owner’s expectations. We worry about delivering Results, not Excuses!™

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