Alaska Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Facilities

The Austin Company provided design, engineering and construction services for Alaska Airlines’ maintenance facility at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Project Description: 

The facility includes a hangar, avionics and electrical shops, parts storage, a separate building for ground-support equipment, and a 100,000 SF apron that can accommodate five parked aircraft.

With a clear span of 288 feet at the door and a clear height of 60 feet, the 90,000 square foot hangar can simultaneously service any combination of aircraft in Alaska Airlines’ current fleet – B-727, B-737 and MD-83. It also has the capability to accommodate future wide-body aircraft.

Telescoping overhead work platforms suspended from the roof trusses provide access to aircraft in any part of the hangar. An overhead fire-protection system can deluge jet fuel fires with a mixture of chemical foam and water.

The maintenance facility was planned, designed and constructed by Austin in just 14 months. The facility shares a 10-acre site with Alaska Airline's original maintenance hangar, which was completed by Austin 17 years earlier.

Project Stats: 

Square Footage: 90,000
Austin Services Provided: Design, Engineering, Construction



Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Seattle, Washington