The Boeing Company Building 52 Engineering Office

The Boeing Company’s dedication of the new Building 52 Plaza marked the completion of a multi-year Building 52 renovation project.

Project Description: 

Originally a manufacturing parts storage and assembly area supporting the C-17 program, Building 52 was converted to house engineering and administrative support offices for the C-17 program. The Austin Company provided planning, design and engineering services for this multi-phase conversion, including interior renovations as well as the exterior employee plaza.

At the dedication, Boeing executives noted that, "Employee satisfaction [with their work environment] is up since the completion of the renovation efforts, which provided a highly- functional and aesthetically-pleasing work environment.”

The executives also noted that the new employee plaza was funded through overall project savings, which were credited, in part, by the quality of The Austin Company's design and engineering work, resulting in lower than anticipated construction costs.

The Austin Company provided space planning, interior design, architectural design and engineering services.

Project Stats: 

Austin Services Provided: Space Planning, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Engineering Services


Long Beach, California

Project Client: 

The Boeing Company