Celanese Chemical Company Chemical Manufacturing Facility

The plant is supported by a new main laboratory facility, which was created by expanding and renovating the plant’s existing 30-year-old administration building.

Project Description: 

Celanese Chemical Company is part of the Hoechst Celanese Corporation, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Hoechst AG of Germany. At its Clear Lake plant near Houston, Celanese manufactures a variety of basic chemicals including acrylics and ethylene glycol.

At the heart of the expansion is a 4,500 SF laboratory dedicated to quality control testing and process development. Design upgrades include new steel lab furniture with Hoechst’s Trespa-brand solid composite panel tops, additional fume hoods, a complete data raceway, and a conditioned, segregated power system. The addition also houses individual laboratories used by various groups as well as lab support areas.

In response to Celanese Chemical’s requirement that the new structure be blast resistant yet complement the architecture of the existing building, the facility’s design incorporates a combination of 10-inch precast concrete walls with cast-in brick. Other blast-resistant design features include heavy duty doors resembling vault doors and blast dampers at the HVAC intake.


Project Stats: 

Square Footage: 12,000 

Austin Services Provided: Preliminary Design, Engineering, Construction Administration 


Clear Lake, TX

Project Client: 

Celanese Chemical Company