Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry requires sophisticated facilities for product research and development, testing, manufacturing and distribution.

Austin is a leader in this industry, providing design, engineering, construction and construction management services for pharmaceutical facilities since the 1940’s. Throughout this experience, Austin has utilized state-of-the-art methodologies and practices to design and build complex facilities focused on uncompromised safety, quality and reliability.

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Austin understands that pharmaceutical research and development and manufacturing facilities have varying priorities. We design and build these facilities to meet the latest U.S. and international GMP requirements/standards and clients' objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Austin’s research and development facility experience includes engineered safety at equipment, room and access levels; containment and specific occupational exposure limits – Clean Room up to Class 10/ISO Class 4/EU GMP Grade A; and risk-based design. From biological/chemical and equipment labs to “scale up” and manufacturing facilities, Austin has the experience and in-house expertise to successfully deliver even the most complex of projects.