“I am passionate about building Top-Notch relationships with Top-Notch Contractors. If you are a subcontractor in the construction industry, wishing to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a successful General Contractor – let’s connect.”

The Top-Notch Partner Program provides association services, namely, promoting the interests of bidders, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors in the building and construction trades, whose core values align with those of The Austin Company.

To be a Top-Notch Partner means you have proven to be a reliable source at designing and/or building mutually beneficial projects together. Once your company has earned the Top-Notch status, the benefits will include, but are not limited to:

  • Priority on being asked to bid and/or team on private projects with The Austin Company.
  • Exclusive invitations to participate in educational programs and seminars with The Austin Company.
  • Companies who earn the Top-Notch status will be given an exclusive logo they can post on their website and add to proposals with Austin, signifying them as a Top-Notch Partner.

Click the link below to contact Amy Hewis to learn more about becoming a Top-Notch Partner with The Austin Company.