Skunk Works Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Austin Company provided design-build services for a new 220,000 sq. ft, $130+ million Composites Aircraft Manufacturing Center in the Western United States. The project was delivered through a negotiated Design-Build GMP Contract. The Wide Span Structure is a Controlled Conditions Facility and ICD 705 and TEMPEST Compliant with Classified SCIF SAP/SAR.

Baking Production Facility in Plymouth IN

The driving force behind this project was to get Pretzels, Inc. up and running again as quickly as possible.

Baking Production Facility in Bellmawr NJ

151 Foods selected The Austin Company’s bakery design and construction team to plan, engineer, and implement the conversion of this facility into their state-of-the-art bakery.

Controlled Conditions Pharmaceutical Storage & Logistics Center

This new facility includes Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) and refrigerated storage space for the client’s lifesaving medicines and allows for 10,000 pallet locations.

Lehigh Orograin Bakery Production Facility

The Austin Company has successfully completed multiple bakery projects for Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), and they once again called on Austin to deliver design-build services for this new facility.

Aircraft Production Facilities

Melbourne Airport Authority/Embraer selected The Austin Company to provide Construction Management for new aircraft production buildings and related site infrastructure located on the north side of the Melbourne International Airport.

Maintenance and Construction

The Austin Company has provided and continues to provide Pfizer with design and construction services at Pfizer’s three campuses in the Kalamazoo area.

Veterinary Medicine R&D Building

Zoetis is the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock.

Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence – Building 100

The Austin Company provided planning, design, engineering and construction to Northrop Grumman in Melbourne and St. Augustine, Florida. In St. Augustine, Austin delivered the expansion of Northrop Grumman’s Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence.

Program and Engineering Offices – Building 229

The Austin Company provided planning, project management and construction management/general contracting for a new Program and Engineering Office building in support of Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector.

Newspaper Production Facility

The Austin Company was released to provide architectural design and engineering services for The Boston Globe’s renovation of an existing facility that became the newspaper production facility.

Greenfield Bakery Production Facility

George Weston selected the greenfield site in Elkhart, Indiana, and commissioned The Austin Company to provide design-build services for the new facility. The project was completed within 14 months, from the start of engineering to project completion.

Manned Aircraft Design Center of Excellence – Building 228

Northrop Grumman selected The Austin Company to provide architectural design, engineering and construction management services in support of their new Centers of Excellence national program.

Baking and Snack Production Facility

Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish® crackers were introduced in the 1960s and today continue to be a family favorite. Two decades of sustained growth prompted Pepperidge Farm to expand its cracker production operations in Richmond, Utah.

Preliminary Design of Algal Nutritional Oils Manufacturing Plant

A biotechnology company that is focused on producing algal oils and high protein additives for the supplement, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pet food and animal feed markets, was in need of a preliminary plant design. The company wanted the ability to raise capital to introduce its products into the marketplace and create revenue streams.

Aircraft Manufacturing Center at Brookley Aeroplex

In 2012, Airbus announced plans to develop its first U.S.-based aircraft manufacturing center. The facilities, located at the Brookley Aeroplex industrial airport in Mobile, Alabama, will produce as many as fifty A320 family aircraft annually.

Bakery Production Facility in Topeka KS

Due to increased production and distribution needs, Bimbo Bakeries USA wanted to build a new bakery production facility.

Automotive OEM Trim and Final Shop Expansion

The Austin Company was engaged to perform services for this major automotive manufacturing plant to support the production of their new large-size vehicle.