Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation Carbon Manufacturing Facility

Carbon Manufacturing Facility

Exterior of the Meggitt ABSC facility and parking lot

Project Stats

Client: Carbon Manufacturing Facility
Market: Fabricación Industrial
Square Footage: 162,110

Services Provided

  • Construcción
  • Design & Engineering


Danville, Kentucky

Unable to expand at its current location, ABSC initially gave Austin Consulting, The Austin Company’s site location consulting division, the challenge of finding the optimum location on which to build a new facility.

After extensive research and analysis, Austin Consulting recommended the Danville site. ABSC purchased the site and engaged The Austin Company to provide design-build services for the new carbon manufacturing facility. Austin began with preliminary design engineering efforts to determine the project scope, cost and schedule; then proceeded with full design-build services for the project.

Specialized equipment installed by Austin included 10-ton overhead cranes, cooling systems for the furnaces, afterburners for the waste gases, and cooling water control systems.