Bakery Production Facility in Ashland OH

Lance / Stella D’Oro

Project Stats

Client: Lance / Stella D’Oro
Market: Food & Beverage

Services Provided

  • Construcción
  • Design & Engineering


Ashland, Ohio

The Austin Company provided professional services to coordinate the equipment relocation of Stella D’Oro’s production line from the Bronx, New York, to the Archway Cookie plant in Ashland, Ohio.

Austin’s work included identifying contractors, tagging and removing all equipment within 30 days and installing equipment in the Ashland location to be up and running product within a month. This involved extensive coordination and scheduling of critical path items, modernization and expansion considerations for the existing plant in Ashland, and the adaptive re-use and redesign of production food processing equipment.

Other duties included budget control and reporting, purchasing, accounting and invoicing, engineering and oversight by a site superintendent. Austin also evaluated fudge and icing process requirements to determine proper batch sizes for a new kettle purchase.