2018 Plant Construction Survey: Rising Rate of Food & Beverage Plant Renovations/Expansions

From Food Engineering Magazine; June 2018

Many food & beverage processors are renovating/expanding their existing plants to meet FSMA and consumer demands.

"Renovating your food or beverage plant can be done in stages, so as not to upset production. There’s even room to expand the building, and your design-build firm has done all the risk assessments, verifying that renovating and expanding are possible. Now, all that’s left, is what may be the toughest question: What will your business look like five, 10 or 20 years from now?"

"According to Eric Bockmuller, The Austin Company senior director, project planning, owners are also showing more interest in process and building control management, so they can closely monitor varying costs in manufacturing their product and how changes made in the process affect their production cost and volume."

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