Quality Design & Construction

A successful safety and quality program is the one that is inherent in the culture of how we operate, input is encouraged, and has the support of everyone – every day, in all that we do. Quality is included in all we design, engineer and construct to ensure everything we build is resilient, long-lasting and flexible.

Austin’s quality process is carried from preliminary design and project kick-off through construction and commissioning to provide successful quality management throughout the entire project. The process requires coordination and collaboration for efficient response to changing variables and challenges.

Quality Process

  • We manage the quality of our work through:
  • Quality procedures that align with our company's methods and practices
  • Quality requirements that are well-defined, planned, and execute
  • An effective inspection process
  • Companywide commitment and accountability

In addition, Austin utilizes top-rated project management software and mobile technology that provides quick access to more than 200 paperless safety and quality inspections for the following:

  • Design engineering drawings
  • Specifications
  • Field safety surveillances
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Storm water

Austin’s quality program runs alongside our safety program. Quality and safety drive each other and are closely intertwined. Without one, the other suffers. All Austin employees work toward producing the highest quality work, both in the field and within our offices.

Austin delivers facilities that meet clients’ objectives and stand the test of time. Our commitment to serving our clients with precisely designed, engineered and constructed buildings has remained central to our vision and mission, ensuring that all work is completed with quality and safety in mind and practice.