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Transportation Trends in Manufacturing

By: Tori Ung, Location Analyst with Austin Consulting

Last month, I wrote about supply chain trends that are affecting manufactures. This month, I will focus on the transportation trends that all manufactures must also take into account.

Trends in Transportation:

Supply Chain Trends, Part 1

By: Tori Ung, Location Analyst with Austin Consulting

Manufacturers are facing many trends and challenges these days, including those from both the supply chain and transportation sides of their business. This two-part series will examine these issues, so companies can be better prepared to address them.

Risk Management

How to Handle Tighter Shipping Capacity

By Peter Waldinger, Location Consultant with Austin Consulting

For the last several years, truckload capacity has been on the minds of nearly every shipper. Issues they are hearing and facing include fewer trucks, fewer drivers and tightening capacity. But what does that really mean and how does it affect your business?