Austin Consulting is the Ideal Partner to Help Companies Make Growth Decisions

Austin Consulting’s team of professional business location consultants can guide you through the entire site selection process, from start to finish. We provide businesses with the expertise and information needed to make intelligent decisions when selecting locations for facilities.

We have extensive experience supporting manufacturing and industrial clients from around the globe on site selection and incentives negotiations. Whether you’re adding a new plant to increase capacity, replacing a dated facility, or looking to optimize your production and distribution footprint, Austin’s location consultants can help you make the right decision.


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Our full-time group of economic geographers, commercial real estate experts and logistics specialists offer location strategy, site selection, due diligence, and incentive negotiation services.

Why Select Austin Consulting?
Location Experts – We have evaluated thousands of sites and communities. We are actively engaged in multiple location projects and stay current on location trends, labor market dynamics, transportation networks, incentive programs and other factors that drive site selection decisions.

Value – We are fully committed to delivering value to your organization. Tangible examples include near-term cost savings, long-term operating cost minimization, incentives and risk mitigation.

Strategic – We understand each project is different. Selecting a new location has immediate implications and long-term impacts on your business. We take the time to understand your business and look for opportunities to achieve ancillary benefits throughout the project.

Quality – Make a confident and informed decision based on quality information and data. Our research team is highly skilled in labor market and demographic analysis, financial and operating cost evaluation, transportation cost modeling, economic modeling, and supply chain research.

Technical – We are supported by a world-class team of engineering and construction professionals. We have expertise evaluating technical issues ranging from electrical redundancy, rail feasibility, wastewater discharge and unique building requirements, to identifying issues that can impact site development, schedule and project cost.

Passionate – You’ll know right away you are working with a passionate team of individuals who take pride in their work. We thrive on new challenges and staying current on location and industry trends. We also have a proven ability to adapt to market and operational pressures that require responsiveness.

Collaborative – Nobody understands your business better than you. We act as an extension of your team and gather input from key stakeholders and departments within your organization to improve decision-making and alignment.
Tailored Location Solutions

The location of your new facility is a decision that your company will live with for decades. Key considerations include:

• New structure versus renovated existing building
• Workforce availability, skill level and specific training programs at community colleges
• Transportation and logistics
• Utility costs – one-time and ongoing
• Local regulations for your industry
• Available incentives
• Environmental reports

Making informed decisions is critical and Austin Consulting’s expertise in site selection helps organizations minimize risk and maximize potential success. We help clients build consensus as we provide data-driven, detailed reports and recommendations. Our services are tailored to fit your needs.
The Austin Consulting Guarantee
1. Our recommendations will be supported by a combination of professional experience and a comprehensive evaluation of the best available information and data​

2. We will leverage the competitive site selection process to negotiate and secure the best possible deal through the property and incentives negotiations​

3. Our detailed approach, technical competence and due diligence process will mitigate the risk of selecting a bad location​

4. We will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful project outcome​
“The optimal location strategy weighs the impacts of site selection on all areas of the business”


Austin Consulting, the site selection and consulting division of The Austin Company, was established to develop and support location services, including location strategy, site selection, due diligence and incentive negotiations.