safety guy taking picture of steel frame

Construction can be a dangerous business, so keeping people safe while at the job site is always top of mind. Everyone at The Austin Company–from our safety professionals and constructors to our designers and engineers–analyzes safety from all angles; from all aspects of the project life cycle.

We believe that safety contributes to quality. Ensuring uncompromised safety for our employees, clients, and partners is the baseline, not the exception.


• Daily safety tips
• Safety announcements
• Monthly safety newsletters
• Online safety resources
• Safety orientation and training specific to each job site
• Surveillance and inspections
• Gemba safety walks
• Stretch-n-flex
• Weekly safety meetings
• OSHA 30 training to superintendents, construction managers, and project managers
“To date, Austin has logged over 5.7 million hours without a lost-time accident. While we are proud of that number, we know that zero is the only number you want to see when it comes to safety violations on the construction site. That zero means everyone went home safely to their families, and nothing is more important than that. ”