Delivering Results for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers For More Than 70 Years

“The key to any successful project is full collaboration of the entire project team: owner, designer, engineers, construction manager, trades, vendors, and municipal authorities.”


In this pharmaceutical industry, competition is fierce and as companies race to get their products to market, their expanded sites or new facilities are also the most likely to be on a design-build fast-track.

Developing new or expanded facilities is critical to success and finding an experienced and reliable design and construction firm is essential. Austin is a trusted partner for many pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes.

Pharmaceutical Project Experience
• Research and development centers
• Clinical trial and quality control buildings
• Laboratories
• Clean rooms
• Vivarium, parasitology and related animal facilities
• Pilot plant and intermediate scale manufacturing facilities
• Potent compounding facilities
• Bulk and intermediate process and packaging facilities for capsules, tablets, powders, injectables, creams, ointments and liquids
• Large scale production, purification, inactivation and aseptic fill
• Finishing and packaging plants
• Distribution centers
Architectural Design Considerations
• Site design for future growth
• Building expandability
• Product flow
• Functionality
• Building code investigation
• USDA, FDA, EMEA design requirements
• Finishes and materials
• Solid waste and material handling
• Finished goods packaging and handling
• Employee amenities
• Cleanability
• Gowning and locker rooms
• Controlled not classified area
• Hygiene zone flow and control
Location Consulting Services
• Location strategy studies
• Supply chain network studies
• Favorable area analysis
• Site selection services
• Labor market studies
• Property due diligence
• Incentives negotiation
• Strategic master planning
• Process and plant utility analyses
• Manufacturing and feasibility studies

Austin’s vast experience and expertise in this industry extends more than 70 years. Our fully integrated team understands the uniqueness of these buildings and the need to incorporate safety, cleanliness, precision and adaptability into every facility’s design, engineering and construction.

Global Partnership Gives Manufacturers the Expertise to Diversify Pharmaceutical Production

The Austin Company and Cockram Construction are joining forces to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers more than 160 years of construction solutions to strengthen the North American supply chain and bring life-preserving medicines to consumers as quickly as possible.


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