Welcome to the Future of Facility Design

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Elevate Your Project with BIM and VDC

The Austin Company’s adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design Construction (VDC) has fundamentally transformed our project approach, setting new standards for projects—from start to finish.

Our experienced team combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver tailored solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, we are your partner for design and construction.

Bridging Vision and Reality

BIM turns your vision into a tangible reality. With our collaborative 3D digital representation, stakeholders gain unparalleled insights into design, construction, and operation. Seamlessly integrated information minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency. Unlock the potential of BIM and VDC for your project.

Innovative Tools Used by Austin:

  • Civil3D: Comprehensive design and documentation software for civil infrastructure.
  • Recap Pro: Capture high-quality models of real-world assets.
  • Revit: The 3D authoring tool for BIM creation.
  • Revizto: Cloud-based platform for project collaboration.
  • Autodesk Infraworks: Conceptual planning and collaboration software.
  • Plant3D: 3D platform for process design and ISO creation.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud Suite: Including Assemble, Takeoff, Build, and BIM Collaborate Pro.
  • Procore: All-in-one construction management software.
  • Pix4D: Photogrammetry software for drone-based 3D modeling.

Why VDC?

Efficiency Redefined

Bid farewell to traditional inefficiencies. VDC streamlines workflows, improving coordination and communication across all team members. Operating within a shared digital environment fosters synergy, resulting in timely and cost-effective project delivery.

Precision in Planning

Avoid construction surprises. VDC allows meticulous planning and simulation, identifying potential clashes early on. This preemptive approach reduces rework, saving time and resources while enhancing quality.


Key Advantages

Collaboration at its Core

Our shared 3D platform enables seamless contribution, communication, and real-time access to vital project information. Every aspect of your project is thoroughly considered, fostering innovation and ensuring a single source of truth.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Informed decisions drive successful projects. Our BIM and VDC capabilities empower decision-makers with accurate, up-to-date information for strategic choices, from design modifications to construction sequencing.