Beyond Food Packaging Basics

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Crafting a Well-Designed Package

Good packaging doesn’t just happen; it’s a meticulously designed process that requires expertise and precision. At The Austin Company, we specialize in designing and building manufacturing plants where packaging food products is both necessary and an art form. Our expertise can revolutionize your food packaging operations.

A well-designed package is a multi-faceted solution. It must protect the product, enhance its usability, present it attractively, withstand distribution challenges, and maintain quality until consumption. We understand these complexities and incorporating packaging into our design-build solutions that check every box.

Three Packaging Types

Primary Packaging

The frontline defense against environmental factors, primary packaging is crucial for product preservation and consumer appeal.

Secondary Packaging

From bundling to display, secondary packaging plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of primary packages.

Tertiary Packaging

The key is streamlining pallet loads for efficient warehousing and distribution. Our innovative approaches integrate sustainable materials and advanced technologies to optimize logistics while minimizing environmental impact.


Designing the System

The magic happens when selecting, installing, and starting up equipment. Our team navigates the tradeoffs between speed, crewing levels, and material supply to deliver OEM packaging systems that maximize efficiency and reliability. From crewing considerations to material handling logistics, we leave no stone unturned to provide solutions tailored to your needs.


Automation and Training

While automation has transformed packaging operations, skilled operators remain indispensable. Austin prioritizes comprehensive training and user-friendly interfaces to ensure the seamless integration of technology and human expertise. We recognize that successful packaging systems blend innovation with human ingenuity.

Designing packaging systems is both an art and a science. Austin combines creativity, technical prowess, and industry expertise to deliver cost-effective, efficient, and reliable OEM solutions.