Automotive Parts Manufacturing Facility

Client: Y-Tec Keylex Mexico

Location: Guanajuato, Mexico

Square Footage: 317,500

Project Overview


Services Provided

  • Design-Build.
  • Planning.



In connection with Alberici Constructors, Inc.,  The Austin Company delivered design, engineering and construction for new industrial markets in Mexico, including Mazda Motor Corporation and Y-Tec Keylex Mexico.

Mazda Motor Corporation, along with their suppliers, is a major Japanese investor in Salamanca, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Here, Mazda is developing a large automobile manufacturing campus. YKM‘s manufacturing facility is a part of this campus and produces motor vehicle parts and accessories for Mazda.

Austin completed the architectural design and construction documents in the U.S. and provided oversight for all of the structural and MEP engineering prepared by local Mexican firms. Construction was managed by a joint Austin-Alberici team. Design and construction for the YKM facility was implemented on an accelerated schedule to meet production requirements. The completed facility consists of approximately 283,000 SF of production space, plus 34,400 SF of offices, for a project total of 317,500 SF.

The project team included members in Japan, Mexico and the United States. In addition to logistics challenges due to the varying locations of team members, harmonizing and managing three distinct languages, business cultures and organizational variances was a significant cornerstone to the project’s overall success.

Construction Documents were completed in both English and Spanish, while meetings were regularly held in all three languages. To meet YKM’s design objectives, the design and engineering followed international standards, while taking into consideration construction approaches and practices in Mexico.

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