Bakery Production Facility in Topeka KS

Client: Bimbo Bakeries

Location: Topeka, Kansas

Square Footage: 135000

Project Overview


Services Provided

  • Design-Build.



Due to increased production and distribution needs, Bimbo Bakeries USA wanted to build a new bakery production facility. Bimbo selected a site in Topeka, Kansas, and commissioned The Austin Company to provide design-build services for the new bakery facility. Bimbo was familiar with Austin’s work, as Austin had recently completed design-build services for another Bimbo bakery facility in Elkhart, Indiana.

Initially, because it was felt that only one production line was needed, but with the potential for future expansion, alternative production and business strategies were evaluated. These included: two production lines, one production line with building shell space provided for future expansion, and one production line with the building designed for ease of expansion for a later second line. Ultimately, the bakery facility was designed and built to house one bread line and one roll line.

Austin’s design provided for a building footprint of 135,000 SF, which includes space for the two-line bakery operation, in addition to 2,800 SF for fermenter and oxidizer work platforms. Also, Austin’s design focused on an efficient layout and high sanitary features in the process areas.

Main areas included in Austin’s design and construction work included: ingredients warehouse, bake shop, packaging, finished product warehouse, shipping and receiving, office and support, process baking, and telephone and data. Austin’s services covered all main facility systems, including: mechanical, HVAC, fire suppression, plumbing and electrical.

The project was completed, from release to production and salable product, in less than one year.

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