Boiler MACT Upgrade

Client: Pfizer, Inc.

Location: Portage, Michigan

Project Overview


Services Provided

  • Construction.



MACT is aimed at improving the fuel efficiency, emission quality and durability of Pfizer’s boiler house at this location.

Planning and coordination were the highest priority for this fast-track project. In addition to challenges of an active boiler plant environment, in which the improvements took place, the project duration was short and the construction windows were shorter.

A very detailed project-specific communication plan, including progress meetings, follow-up methods and status tracking system was developed to help facilitate the project. The mandated duration of the project required phasing and integration between engineering and construction.

The best-in-class safety program was utilized to minimize Pfizer and The Austin Company’s personnel exposure to potential hazards. This program has yielded industry-leading EMR, which translates to lower costs to Pfizer in the long run.

  • Pfizer MACT facility after upgrade
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