Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Facility

Client: ​Mitsubishi Power System America

Location: Pooler, Georgia

Square Footage: 440,100

Project Overview


Services Provided

  • Design.
  • Engineering.



​With an extensive history of providing high-quality parts and services to the North American market, it became critical for Mitsubishi Power Systems America (MPSA) to expand their facilities. MPSA needed to increase production of key gas turbine parts, provide complete steam turbine services and assemble advanced, fuel-efficient gas turbines.

The Austin Company was selected by the joint venture of H.J. High Construction (Orlando, FL) and our sister company, Batson-Cook (Atlanta, GA), for work with MPSA near Savannah, Georgia. While Austin provided architectural design, interior design and engineering services, H.J. High and Batson-Cook provided construction services for the Savannah Machinery Works Premier Service and Manufacturing Center for the Energy Industry. The 116-acre, ISO-certified facility would become the comprehensive service and repair center for gas turbines, steam turbines and generator rotors.

This heavy industrial facility serves as MPSA’s next step in providing world-class power generation services and products for the gas and steam market. The design-build project consisted of more than 440,000 SF and was completed in phases:

Manufacturing Building – Bays 1 and 2 137,500 SF
Manufacturing Building – Bays 3 75,600 SF
Manufacturing Building – Bays 4 76.300 SF
Manufacturing Building – Bays 5 72,000 SF
Office Building 31,700 SF
Balance Bunker – Turbine Balancing/Testing Facility 20,000 SF
Office/Conference Center 17,000 SF
Guardhouse, Kitchen, Maintenance Building 10,000 SF
TOTAL 440,100 SF

The Balance Bunker was the most complex of all the projects. Austin’s design and engineering work included an 8,000 horsepower electric motor to turn the rotors during balancing. In addition, 6-foot thick Bunker walls were designed to protect the surrounding area from rotor elements that may come loose during testing. The walls were also heavily reinforced inside and out with rebar and steel plates.

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  • Exterior view of the Mitsubishi Power Systems building
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