Meet Charlie Engel

About Charlie Engel

Charlie Engel has over 40 years of experience in construction quality assurance, quality control and occupational health and safety. He has been with The Austin Company since 1998.

As Corporate Director of Quality Assurance and Safety, Charlie is responsible for the Company’s quality assurance and safety and health programs. During design, he performs independent constructability reviews of engineered drawings and specifications for completeness, constructability, and compliance with design standards. Charlie develops written QA and Safety manuals, plans, procedures, and inspection checklists for engineering and construction projects. In addition, Charlie performs inspection, surveillance, and audits on all projects and submits written reports to management.

Charlie holds current Quality Assurance Certification to ASME-NQA-1 (ANSI N45.2.6) in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, certified Lead Audit to ANSI N45.2.23/NQA-1 and certified welding inspector in accordance with AWS – D1.1 / SNT-TC-1A.

Charlie has worked with NRC/DOE (Nuclear), NAVFAC, United States Corps of Engineers on multiple projects, and has completed their Construction Quality Management for Contractors training.

Charlie is an authorized instructor (OCI 500 & 501) for Construction and General Industry 29 CFR 1926 and 1910 teaches OSHA 10- and 30-hour classes. He is a certified instructor for the American Red Cross and teaches Blood Borne, First Aid, CPR and AED.

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