Meet Jim Cathcart

About Jim Cathcart

Calling upon more than 37 years of of professional experience in industrial facility project planning and development – 31 years with The Austin Company—Jim provides oversight of the successful completion of projects from inception, through design, engineering, construction and maintenance. As General Manager, Jim ensures that adequate financial, operational and human resources are maintained throughout each project and that the client’s objectives are consistently achieved by the project team. He also ensures that all personnel and deliverables meet Austin’s strict quality and safety standards.

In addition, Jim serves as National Accounts Director for Aerospace, Aviation and Defense providing business development oversight and developing long term strategic partnerships with clients in aviation, aerospace, and defense markets. Jim’s responsibilities include coordinating technical resources, aligning with client requirements, proposal development, reviewing schedule goals and objectives, and acting as management liaison between Austin and our industrial clients, most effectively during the initial critical planning and scoping phases of Austin’s industrial development projects.


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