Meet Ken Stone

About Ken Stone

Ken is a principal representative of Austin for clients and projects, responsible for overseeing project development and resource requirements, and providing overall coordination of the management and implementation of projects. As Project Executive, Ken ensures that project teams are organized and properly directed to deliver the services Austin has committed to the client. Working closely with the Project Manager, Ken maintains high-level oversight to ensure scope, budget and schedule remain on track. Since joining Austin in 1980, Ken has served in several roles, including Project Architect, Project Manager, Manager of CADD and Data Processing, Manager of Business Development, Manager of Operations and Vice President and General Manager.

Ken’s experience includes planning, design and project management for a wide variety of projects for Austin clients worldwide, including aerospace and aviation, manufacturing, newspaper publishing, data processing, high-tech research, corporate and general office facilities, motion picture production, television broadcasting, theme parks and entertainment centers.

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