Meet Matt Eddleman

About Matt Eddleman

As the Senior Vice President of Operations, Matt Eddleman oversees operations across all units of The Austin Company. His emphasis on exceptional performance assures that the Company’s high standards are maintained, with our primary focus on exceeding client needs. Attention to safety, workforce, financial and operational values have been the hallmark of Matt’s expertise.

Matt’s previous role as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing allowed him far-reaching impact as he implemented new sales initiatives and strategy throughout the Company.

Matt joined Austin in 1988 as an Estimator, with subsequent roles ranging from purchasing to project management. In those roles, Matt was responsible for ensuring that adequate financial, operational and workforce needs were maintained throughout projects and that the client’s objectives were consistently achieved by the project team. Matt has served as Estimator, Scheduler, Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Manager and Project Manager, and Manager of Construction Management on many projects across numerous industries, including Aviation, Aerospace & Defense; Food and Beverage; Laboratories; Manufacturing and Broadcasting.

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