Austin Thought Leaders Slated to Present at the 6th Annual Advancing Preconstruction Conference


Three of our preconstruction thought leaders are presenting at the 6th Annual Advancing Preconstruction Conference this summer! Amy Hewis (Preconstruction Coordinator), Chris Jackson (Director of Preconstruction Services – Eastern Operations), and Andrew Hoffmeyer (Associate Preconstruction Manager) share their insights at the event, taking place in Dallas, Texas, from August 30 through September 1.

This year’s conference, entitled “Win More Work, Kickstart Project Success,” explores the latest technologies and workflows across five educational tracks: estimating, design coordination, cost escalation, subcontractor management, and department management.

Chris Jackson and Andrew Hoffmeyer lead a conversation about remote work entitled “How to Maintain Engagement & Productivity of a Preconstruction Team Working a Mixture of in the Office & at Home.” The presentation explores the impact of remote working on introverted and extroverted team members.

Amy Hewis reveals what makes you a general contractor of choice in her talk, “Developing Strong Relationships with Subcontractors to Ensure You Have Enough Bids to Compile an Estimate.” The presentation will also cover how to improve the communication of job specifications and explore the benefits of platforms and tools to advertise jobs and network well.

New highlights and additions for the 2021 conference

    • Post-pandemic outlooks with a focus on cost escalation for major markets and bidding strategies

    • Deep dives into estimating for specific CSI divisions, including earthwork, steel, mechanical and electrical

    • Benchmarking ways to conduct design reviews and maintain quality of coordination, including with remote working

    • How direct material procurement, prefabrication, IPD, and other trends could radically alter preconstruction and reduce costs

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