Project Gallery

Our projects are important subplots in the stories of our clients and the communities in which they invest.

Chemical Processing and Painting Facility

Austin added 13,500 SF to an existing building to meet Bombardier's need for a Metal Surface Finishing Facility (MSFF) at its Learjet complex.


Space Park

Austin’s history with Northrop Grumman dates back to the early 1960s. The relationship has since evolved to ongoing project assignments nationwide.


Delta IV Rocket Factory

Austin, in a joint venture with J.S. Alberici Construction Company, designed and built a manufacturing plant for Boeing.


777 Aircraft Assembly Facility

When The Boeing Company needed to expand its aircraft assembly plant to produce the 777, Boeing’s value jetliner, the company once again called on Austin to tackle the project.


M3 Consolidated Laboratories

Austin provided Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems with architectural planning, design, and engineering services for the remodeling of 87,400 SF within the existing M3 building.


747 Aircraft Assembly Plant

When Boeing’s 747 aircraft assembly plant was completed in 1968 by The Austin Company, it was the largest volume building in the world.


Manufacturing Facility in Mexico

The Austin Company, in connection with Alberici Constructors, designed and constructed a new manufacturing facility for Stanley Electric Mexico.


Program and Engineering Offices – Building 229

Austin provided design-build services for a new Program and Engineering Office building in support of Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems sector.


Manned Aircraft Design Center of Excellence – Building 228

Northrop Grumman selected Austin to provide architectural design, engineering and construction management services in support of their new Centers of Excellence national program.